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Karen's Book Reviews


Have you ever considered what your favorite book as a child was? What made those books memorable? The story, the pictures, or the way an author used words? What literature impacted your memory as a young adult reader? The following pages will introduce and evaluate literature from several different genres.

There are many picture books, nonfiction books, historical fiction and biography books, poetry, fiction, fantasy, traditional literature, and classic young adult literature to be considered. Reading is essential to every human being. The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow. If you are not an avid reader, try reading some of the titles I have included. If these are not your style, there are many more to choose from. Make the characters in the stories come alive in your imagination.

Book Titles That Cross Your Path. Can they be movies also? Is the movie like the book? Should you read the book too? The book may be different, so definitely read the book, watch the movie, and compare the story lines.

Books of  Interest:

The Polar Express by Chris Van Alsburg.

Thorn Rose by the Brothers Grimm.

Deep in the Forest by Brinton Turkle.

Tuesday by David Wiesner.



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