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Avoiding Internet Fraud

Great Sites

  1. Tips for Avoiding Internet Fraud, from the Internet Fraud Watch

    This site lists many of the various types of Internet fraud and tips to avoid each one.

  2. Internet Fraud

    This site gives tips on various types of Internet fraud and ways to report it. It is maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice. It offers links to various other sites for additional information.

  3. Federal Trade Commissions

    This site maintained by the Federal Trade Commission gives tips on avoiding Internet Fraud.

  4. Protect Yourself from Internet Scams

    This site includes the various types of frauds with articles to find information about them. The site is backed by The New York Times, Forbes, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports and includes links to various other sites for more information.

  5. Prevent Online Fraud

    This site includes tips for avoiding Internet fraud and links to other information.

  6. Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams

    This site includes tips for avoiding Internet investment fraud and includes an online complaint form. The site is maintained by the government.

Directories to more information on Internet Fraud

  1. DMOZ: Society/Issues/Fraud/

  2. Google: Society>Issues>Fraud

Created on July 24, 2004

Prepared by K. Braswell as a requirement of LS 5573
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